Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ooooh pretty!

Usually when I go to Joann's I wander through the yarn section with a blissful smile, stroking all the yarn, until my husband calls and asks if I'm coming home tonight.

Today I wandered through an entirely different section... beads!
Remember the beaded bauble I made last week? I got the supplies to make some in more colors.

See? Only one little ball of pale pink yarn for a custom order. (Love those!) All the other stuff is for jewelry.
I got copper wire, silver plated copper wire, teal beads, purple/black iridescent beads, and a small knitting needle (size 3) for knitting the wire. Unfortunately the beads are not shown to their best advantage here. In real life they're shimmery, and the black ones look like tiny black soap bubbles.

I can't wait to get started! I'm also envisioning a bracelet made with just the wire and beads to match.

My kids need to go to bed now so I can get started! If only I could convince them of that. ;)

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