Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Berries N Cream

FYI I've been working on this post since Monday!! Unfortunately cranky babies who are teething and not feeling well tend to be rather clingy. They also like computers and like to hit as many keys as they can reach... not good! So I haven't had much computer time lately.

I've recently joined a group on Facebook that does a color challenge each week. (Everyone makes something in a specific color combo in their medium of choice.) It's definitely gotten the creative juices flowing, and I love seeing what other artists come up with. I've been inspired to play with colors more than I had up until this point. This week's combination was a "Berries and Cream" theme. Pink, red, cream, and chocolate brown, how yummy!
This is what I came up with.
I strung copper wire with a random  arrangement (I never do random! It was so fun.) of glass pearls, pink beads, and deep brown swarovski crystals, then knit it into a bracelet. The ends are tapered and its closed with a copper toggle clasp with a miniature rose detail.  I sold it before I had a chance to take detail pictures, though, so this is the only one I have.

Here are a couple of my favorite entries for this particular color challenge. I have a thing for pearls, and the shimmery disks on the earrings are actually pearls!

BigFatUselessCat Designs
 My other favorite, also involving pearls, was this lovely from Sunshine Jewels. The closure is so modern and beautiful, don't you think?
Sunshine Jewels

Finally, if you need a place to keep all of your lovelies safe, check this out! Storage and display from Joyous World
Joyous World on Etsy
PS If you would like a berries n cream bracelet of your own, I would love to make another just for you! email me at :)

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  1. I love your bracelet entry! It is so light, lacy and feminine! I also love the FB Color Combo group.... It forces me to think and create outside my comfort zone with colors that I don't normally use or combine... The results? sometimes good, sometimes bad.... but always a lovely challenge! Thank you for featuring my jewelry display :)