Saturday, November 26, 2011

there's a knot in my rope

spool knitting with sire in progress

 A few months ago I picked up this nifty spool knitter on sale at my local craft store. I had a vague idea of using it to make loose tubes filled with beads, but no ideas truly gelled, so it sat on the back of the shelf for awhile. Then, while looking for some new ideas for my precious wire, I discovered that this little tool can be used to create beautiful wire ropes that look similar to the Viking knit technique.


Half a spool of wire and several hours later, I had this: a slim rope of woven pure copper wire with a simple knot as the focal point, and wire wrapped ends and clasp.
Copper Knot Bracelet

elegant yet modern

 It's been followed by a matching necklace, as well as Sterling silver versions. This is the new "Knot" collection, featuring a French knit wire rope tied into a subtle knot, with wire wrapped ends and clasp. Every facet of the collection is handmade, which is so thrilling! The collection has an understated, elegant look and feel. Here's the Sterling Knot necklace. It sits just below the collarbone and measures 17" long.

Sterling silver Knot choker necklace

Sterling silver Knot bracelet
Speaking of wire wrapping, it's trickier than I expected, but fun! If you happen to have some extra wire laying around, check out a youtube video or tutorial and try it out on your next jewelry project.

quadruple wrapped wire clasp

PS check out the poll on the sidebar! I'm working on some new goodies for my fellow artists and need your input! Thanks a bunch. <3

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