Friday, April 13, 2012

pretty in pink

Hi there, sorry for the temporary disappearance. Between custom orders and sickness (the flue bug that just won't quit) I haven't had a chance to catch up here. Recently I've had the opportunity to create some pretty in pink custom orders. First there was the silver and pink crystal bangle, which turned out so well I listed one. (That happens a lot, my customers are smart and have lovely ideas.)

pink crystal bracelet

Then there was the matching pink knot necklace. The tricky part with this one was making the wire wrapped clasp. I used heavier gauge stainless steel wire. Ouch! My hands were killing me in the end, but the results were pretty, so I'm sure I'll be doing it again. If you decide to try it, take your time and take  plenty of breaks. I found this tutorial from Trina Ann to be very helpful. Since I don't have bail making pliers I used a knitting needle, size 7, to wrap the wire around for the coil.. I worked the loop using a wire jig, and my kids were fascinated, watching as I snaked the wire around the pegs and created the shape.

The final piece is actually a fun set of bangles in black, silver, and hot pink. Yes, we're back to bangles. They're multiplying like rabbits around here. It started with just two, but now there's a whole collection in a rainbow of shades, with more coming as colors  are suggested to me or as I see pretty wire. There's a very citrus-ey bunch hanging out in the bracelet box now, but they'd clash with the rest of the pink in this post. Maybe next time.

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