Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pebbled Beret

Check out my latest addition, the Pebbled Beret. It has classic lines and plenty of texture. My favorite part is the top... I love the swirl the stitches make as they come together at the crown.  It's supercute and suitable for a boy or a girl, although it's modeled in pink. Since my cutie is the model. :)

I guess I should try to fine tune my design process. My designs start out as an idea, like "Wouldn't Elise look awesome in a beret!" Then I knit for awhile, play around with stitch patterns and shapes, and assess my progress. This particular design was close to being finished several times but I didn't like the shape of the top of it (Too pointy, I didn't want an elf look this time.) Also, I played around with what type of texture stitch to use.
After some trial and error, the prototype is finally finished; all that's left is to snap some pics and work out the math required for making various sizes.

Sorry, I hope this description wasn't too boring. I know that I'm often interested in how other people come up with their designs, and I thought someone out there might feel the same way about mine. :)

For you knitters out there, this pattern is available for purchase. Get it here. :)

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