Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Slouch is coming!

 *Warning, this is a picture-heavy post*
I've been knitting furiously, and am preparing two hats and their corresponding patterns. This is the first one, and my first successful adult hat. It came from the remains of the triangular disaster. My awesome sister agreed to be my model. (Hi, Bev!)
Presenting The Slouch. (If you come up with a better name, let me know. Seriously. I tend to go for the obvious when naming items.)
 I'm in love with this hat! It's pretty, warm, and versatile. It's reversible, so there are two equally pretty sides, and the brim can be worn folded up, shown here, for a toasty stocking cap. I have plans to make it in teal, gray, and any other color you want.

 This is the baby version of The Slouch. It's what inspired me, actually, because I thought the stitch pattern was so pretty. See how the eyelets (holes) swirl together in the center?
Here's the baby eyelet (I really need a name for this! Any suggestions?) shown with a pink classic blossom. Due to the holes, any flower clip can be added for an extra feminine touch.
We're headed into spring, and I think my little one will be wearing this hat in several colors. It's knit from a bamboo blend yarn, so it's lightweight and, of course, washable.

Here's one final pic... it's my next project, can you guess what it is? (Did you say, "A big pink mushroom"? Ummm NO.
 If you guessed "ANOTHER baby hat!" Then you're right. What can I say... babies' heads are fun to decorate.

As always, I welcome you feedback. I especially need some ideas for hat names! I think all of my creative juices have been used up in the making of the hats.

PS All three hat patterns will be available on Ravelry soon. :)

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