Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wasn't sure what to write today, and I love the random list posts that other, cooler,  blogs do, so I decided to take a break from wrestling with html and have my own random post.

1. I've been knitting for 5 1/2 years, a Knitter for 5. The difference between the two is I designed my own sweater, making me a Knitter. It will never be published and has some flaws, but it's all my design.

2. I'm fluent in the knit language, with the exception of socks. The needles are too tiny and my hands ache for days after using small needles. Also wedding ring lace, for the same reason. (Called that because the finished lace is thin enough to be pulled through a wedding ring. The supermodel of the knitting world.)

3. HTML is crazy. All those >,@, ^, and gibberish. Computer geeks everywhere, I bow to your superior intelligence.

4. I've spent all day so far (Well, the moments where both kids were happy) trying to figure out HTML so I can add some cool stuff to my blog. Like additional pages and links to my patterns.

5. Blogger rocks. It has all sorts of templates ready to go so for the most part all I have to do is click an option to add it. If I had had to code everything myself there would be no blog.

6. Despite Blogger's templates, I still have to mess with the html to do what I want. It's not going well. Maybe I can hire bribe knit in exchnage for programming?

7. I'm not crazy about wool. *Gasp!* I know that this is practically heresy in the knitting world, but I'm clumsy and have two small mobile messes (aka kids) so washability is paramount.

8. Odd numbers bug me. (Told you this was random!)

9. I'm funnier in my head.

10. Because I couldn't end with 9 random things. (See #8)

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