Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giveaway suggestions and a new hat

First, the hat. This is for my friend Sarah. I decided she needed a hat, so I made her a slightly slouchier version of my Primetime Hat. See? (I'm modeling it in this pic.)
I love this teal color, and it's going to be so flattering on her!

Now about the giveaway...
I'd like to do another giveaway, since the last one was well-received, and I'd like to know what my readers would like to see me offer. Please take a second to vote in my poll. It's right over there. Go now! ------------------------->

EDIT: I changed the poll to include a free pattern as an option. To do so I had to delete to old poll. Sorry! Please vote again. Thanks :)
 I'll leave it open all this week and choose the most popular item as a giveaway.
As always comments are welcome! I always want to know what my readers are thinking about. :)


  1. So Slouchy! Thank you, B. You Rock!

  2. I love the hat! Thanks for the Rav link, I'll be queuing it! I stopped by from the Tuesday blog hop!

  3. Welcome! Glad to know the blog hop worked. :) My friend seemed to like the hat too.... she popped it on her head as soon as I gave it to her and never took it off! (Either that or she's a really good friend.)

  4. Here from Tuesday Blog hop on the Ad of my family of 8... I like a kids hat, myself:)

  5. Thanks, Latasha! Yes, the poll is closed. I'll be giving away a white pixie baby hat next tuesday. Instructions for entering the giveaway can be found here: