Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tropical Orange and Blue

OK, so I just realized that for the past month my posts have been all about the color challenges. I have been knitting other things, but often selling them before having a chance to blog about them. Which is a good problem! Anyway, I'll try to blog more often in the future. :)

Last week's challenge colors were vibrant oranges and blues, very tropical. Unfortunately I once again had a lot of personal stuff going on and didn't have time to incorporate those colors into something knitted, so I made a simple stretchy bracelet. I love the blue beads in this... check out the tiny painted flower in the center of each one!

Also, I got an amazing camera for Mother's Day, and can't believe the difference between this pic, taken with my new baby, and my older product pics. So much clearer, even when cropped in close! Love it.

This is a new project, a custom order for my sister. It's a multicolor selection of beads, mainly cool blues and green, with a few other colors thrown in for contrast. It's quite fun and summery. I was playing with autofocus, and the camera focused through the front of the bracelet to the back. Here's a different shot:

Sorry for the ramble, but I'm so excited about this project and my spiffy camera. :D Now on to my favorite color challenge pieces for week 24. First we have another Studio V design. The little turqoise bird accent did it for me. So unique!
Next is an entry from Blue Sharky. The copper is so pretty, as are the bright beads she used. I like the overall style of this set.
The third jewelry piece I chose was a piece from Vintage Mom. I liked the deeper colors she chose for her piece.

The final piece I chose wasn't a jewelry item, it was a self portrait. As soon as I saw it I knew I would be featuring it. It's so pretty! The artist is Jen Ashman.
As always, there were many beautiful submissions from this extremely talented group of designers. Looking forward to seeing the results of this week's challenge, greens with accents of smoky gray and teal. Some of my very favorite colors!

PS If I showcased your work and I don't have a link to your site, please leave one in the comments. Thanks!

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