Sunday, May 15, 2011

Going Pro

I'm officially a pro.

Artfire has two levels for sellers, basic and pro. Basic is free but you don't have many tools. Pro is $9.95 a month and has many effective, easy-to-use tools. I've been a basic seller for a couple of months, but decided to make the jump to pro last week.

 And look! >>>>>>>>>>> Now you can see my pretties (and buy them, too) directly from this little blog. How cool is that?? I have a kiosk on my Facebook page, too. In celebration of this new step, use the coupon code "LIKE" for 20% your order now through June first. :)

In other news... google "Glass hand prop" and see what comes up. I guarantee you won't get the results you were anticipating. Definitely not much about hand models or props for jewelry photography.  I was talking to some other, more established, artist friends, and asked them for some input on my studio. It was recommended that I get some pictures of the bracelets being worn, so potential buyers could get a better idea of it's size, etc. Which brings me to my search. After sorting through a bunch of results about airplanes I found this one on Artfire. It's not glass, which is probably a good thing given my clutziness and two young kiddos. Can't wait to play with it!

Coming soon.... my favorites from the CCC challenge group. This was an AMAZING week, too. So much eye candy!

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