Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing Catchup

First, apologies to my lovely readers for completely abandoning you all month. I've been working through some personal stuff, and although I've had many ideas for posts worked up in my head but they just haven't translated well to the virtual page.

So... here are bits of what I've been working on lately.

More wire jewelry, of course. The copper one is a new design experiment of mine, placing beads close together just along the edges, so show off the knitting a bit. The "Favorite Jeans" bracelet is for a friend of mine who's moving several states away. :(

simple copper bracelet

earthy blues bracelet

I've also picked up some actual yarn for the first time in a few months (!). This ribbon yarn is so gorgeous, love the ombre blues and silky feel. I've been wearing the blue bracelet a lot - can't believe how well it matches my wardrobe, and I love the pop of color. It's also comfy and lightweight. Don't worry, all ordered bracelets are custom made for you the customer. You won't get any pre-worn items.
blue gadget case
textured ribbon bracelet

Finally, here's a pic of my precious baby girl, who is almost a whole year old!! She's my very reluctant model, and she thinks hats are toys to be played with, not worn. The hat she's "modeling" is a new design, made for a friend of mine who's expecting a little boy. Oh, and those ears took me several HOURS to figure out. I reknit those puppies many times before finally hitting the trifecta of size, shape, and placement on the hat. I cannot wait to make more in other colors! I'll work on "traditional" colors first, like pink and tan with cream trim. Have an idea for a good color combo? Leave me a comment and if I use it I'll send you a coupon for my studio. :)

   knit baby hat blue bear

Love the devilish look on her face in the second pic. It was taken a second before she ripped it off.

If you would like one of these adorable hats for your little one,  drop me a line. I need a more cooperative model to take better pics before I can list it in my studio. The gadget case isn't listed yet, either, as it needs a button for a closure and I haven't found the perfect one yet.
However, everything else is availble in myonline studio. You don't need an account to order, which is a nice plus.

Do you have a little one who likes to wear hats and will hold still long enough to snap some nice pics? Are you a photographer who needs a cute prop for baby pics? Please contact me by commenting or emailing and I'll send you a hat in your choice of color and size. You can keep the hat in exchange for some cute pics that I can use to promote it. :)

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