Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Very Special Challenge

This week's color challenge had a lot of meaning, as one of our members has begun chemotherapy for cancer, and this challenge was dedicated to her. Another of our group is also holding an auction to benefit her, so many of this week's projects were also auction projects. The colors chosen were in honor of our special member - blue, aqua, white, yellow, and a sandy tan. "Carrie's Beach."

I finished my earrings at 11:24 p.m.last night, just in time for the challenge. I used my new, brighter silver colored nontarnish wire, sterling ear wires, and a variety of blue stone chips. These will be in the auction, which is opening tomorrow and will be open for a week, I think. There are many beautiful pieces included, and it's for a wonderful cause, so please check it out!

blue and silver dangle earrings
 Many other artists put in a special effort this week and came up with some lovely designs. Here are my top three favorites:
beachy necklace Blue Shark Diva Designs
1. A wonderful, textured necklace from Blue Sharky I love the knotted cord, the huge variety of stones and accents, and the colors are also wonderful. To me it looks like something that could've come together over time, from items collected from beach walks. I guess it tells me a story.

cancer support/awareness necklace from Vintage Mom Creations
 2. This is from Vintage Mom Creations, designed for Carrie, the the cancer fighter and fellow artist. This has so much meaning, and feeling behind it. I hope she makes more of them incase I don't win this one in the auction, because I have some people in my life facing this same battle, and I think they would love this piece. 

seashell necklace by BeDazzled Jewelry
3. Yet another piece that tells a story. The seashells, the mother-of-pearl pendant, all say "Beach!" I'm envisioning this with one of those super popular maxi sundresses and sandals. Being the beach with you. ;)

beachy lampwork beads by Bastille Bleu
4. Here's something you can use to make your own one of a kind beachy piece. These are handmade lampwork beads by Bastille Bleu. As in, molten glass and a blowtorch!! How cool is that?? I especially like the focal piece - those flowers remind me of cakes that my mom decorates at Fenoglietto Cakes and Cruises, the Pittsburgh area's Cake Boss. Several pieces in this week's submissions used Bastille Bleu's wonderful beads in their designs.

I hope you have all enjoyed the eye candy! If you are a crafter in any medium and would like to join the fun, join the group here. :)

PS The tutorial is done!! As soon as it's been proof read I'll post it. Question: Which would you prefer, PDF, blog post, or both?

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