Saturday, August 20, 2011

Accessories and Auctions

 Facebook has been cracking down on business pages lately. Friends have been locked out of their own pages, suspended for anywhere from 10 to 30 days. Facebook's  TOS is fairly vague about what gets a page suspended, but based on my friends' experiences,  if a page posts too often, tags too many people in a short amount of time, hosts an auction or giveaway on their own page without making an app (something I have NO idea how to do), the algorithm will flag the page as "spammy" and suspend them.

Thankfully a fellow artist knows how to set up an app and is hosting an auction through next week with many lovely items up for bidding. This is predominantly a jewelry auction, but there are some adorable hairpins and soaps up for grabs, too. She graciously invited me to participate, so one of BooJay's newest bracelets has been included. I call it "Woodland Walk" because the blues, greens, and copper remind me of a hike through a sunlit forest.

Here's the link:

I always start knitting for fall and winter around this time, when it's not so humid that the yarn sticks to my needles, and I have time to get my knitted goodies finished before I actually need them. Because there's nothing like walking down the street with freezing fingers and half a set of handwarmers on the needles.  Last year I designed a thick slouch hat that knits up quickly, looks great, and stays put. (For some reason I tend to lose hats?? Maybe my hair pushes them off...)

Anyway, for a limited time you can have the pattern for my chunky slouch, called Primetime, for free. There is a coordinating scarf pattern available as well, so you can be stylish and toasty warm. :)



  1. How does one get said adorable hat for free? And thanks for plugging the auction! I recently read that they aren't actually cracking down on auction's so much as a giveaways, maybe because people are actually buying the products? I dunno. It's crazy!

  2. Ah hah! It's the pattern that's free! If only I knew how to knit!! Eek!

  3. Oh, sorry.... yes it's just the pattern that's free. I guess I should clarify that. If you want a hat I can knit you one in whatever color you'd like, just let me know. And auctions are still being flagged. One of my other business friends was warned soon after she posted one, although that may have had more to do with her announcing that she doesn't follow rules....