Monday, October 3, 2011

Spring into Fall

Fall has arrived in my part of the world. The trees look as if they're on fire because of the vivid colors of their leaves. There's a definite nip in the air, and once in awhile you catch a whiff of wood smoke.... mmmm! Yet somehow, without meaning to, I created something that reminds me of another season entirely. I thought I was channeling the fall vibes - apple cider, pumpkins, and swirling leaves - rich, warm colors. But what I ended up with was this:
Here are the links for the bracelet and earrings.

My husband saw the new pretties this morning and commented that they looked "Easter-y". Humph.
The bracelet features bronze, caramel, robin's egg, and blush colored glass beads, along with some luscious creamy pearls. The earrings sport pink shell beads and golden shadow Swarovski crystals on silver wire. I'm most proud of the earrings - I used most of a spool of wire figuring out the new design.

Despite the springlike look of the set, I think it will work well with fall colors. All the deep chocolates, teals, and camels need accent colors, right? What about you? Are there some colors that you only wear in a certain season, or do you wear your favorite colors year round?

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