Friday, November 11, 2011

the difference between glass and gems, with pictures!

Recently I've decided to upgrade my materials and was presented with a perfect opportunity to show you why the day after I made the announcement.

My friend saw the white stripe Sterling silver bracelet and fell in love. She loved the sparkle and  versatile look, but wasn't so sure about the price tag. I explained that there was not a single plain glass bead on the piece - it was all gems and Swarovski crystal. But she still wasn't sure, and asked me to make a more affordable version using silver plated wire and glass beads, which I was happy to do.

Here's the higher quality, sparkling Sterling silver white stripe bracelet:

It has opal quartz, rock crystal, crystal AB Swarovski rounds and opal Swarovski bicones, all arranged in a subtle stripe pattern.

And this is the more affordable version:

As you can see, the beads are more subtle in this one, adding very subtle sparkle. The only difference was in materials: This one has white and clear glass beads in silver plated wire.

And here's a side-by-side of the detail for better comparision:

This is why I'm upgrading - for YOU! I want you to have brilliant, long lasting, eye catching, high quality lovelies. Things that will make you smile and brighten your day. My friend chose the gem-filled version of the bracelet, and spent the rest of the day smiling and playing with it. "I loooove my bracelet!!" was a common refrain for the rest of the day.

Awesome people like her (and you!) deserve real gems, don't you think?

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