Friday, January 27, 2012

the tangerie tango bracelet

Have you heard? Tangerine Tango is the color of the year for 2012, according to Pantone. I'm already seeing the color in stores as the spring collections are being introduced. So far I've seen it combined with camel, blue, and black. While the pop of juicy, vibrant orange makes the neutrals really pop and it looks especially lovely on tanned, olive, or chocolatey skin, I'm super pale. Ghostly, even. (I prefer "creamy" though, sounds less scary, hehe.)

So what's a style conscious girl to do?

Make something, of course! This is my take on tangerine. It's a cream and tangerine striped knitted bracelet. The cream accents and overall laciness of the design softens the impact of the bright orange and makes it more wearable, for those who want just a taste of the orange.

 Here's a Glamour article showcasing how to add some tangerine to your wardrobe, Anne Taylor style. Or you can go wild a la Momtastic with tangerine dresses, purses, and other accessories. It's a sure way to banish the winter doldrums!

If you would like to have this particular slice of orange for yourself, it's listed in the shop.

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