Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Bling

This is my beautiful sweetheart, the lover of all things sparkly, who inspired this very special collection. Clearly she loves all things sweet, too!

And now... (finally!)
Presenting: Baby Bling by BooJay Knits! (Say that five times fast)

From top to bottom: gray pearl bling, pink and purple bling, and royal red bling.

 I have been dying to show these to you, but I had to wait until I heard back from my testers. Since these are for little ones - the ones shown here are for age 1-2 years old - I had to KNOW that they were safe as well as pretty. The testing is finally done - many thanks to my lovely friends who tested Baby Bling on their daughters. The bracelets have been tugged, pulled on and off of tiny wrists dozens of times a day, and even chewed on, and they have withstood the punishment with crystals and wire intact.

Here is what my testers had to say:

From Lori:
 I am loving this bracelet. I put it on Emma when she got up this morning, and although she pulled at it a little, it held up perfectly. Things I LOVE about the bracelet: no clasp to brake or snag on anything; it's snug enough not to catch on anything but it still moves a little (although I know that you said that given the nature of the wire, I could work it to make it bigger if needed); and the beads are knitted in the bracelet (I know, a given considering it's knitted jewelry : ) ), so there's next to no concern about swallowing, but the beads are small enough that there really isn't a concern about choking. This is definitely a hit for us. Now I have to think about other colors to get this in : D

 From Jessie: 
I didn't take any pix yet but I had Dallas wearing her bracelet and O MY GOSH I loooove it!! I'm all about coordinating with my girlies so I love that my bracelet and earrings match Dallas's! You should start a Mommy and Me line!! It's very popular right now and ADORABLE =) Thanks so much for making us our beautiful bling!

My daughter also tested a bracelet - she's the one who bit hers. :0 She loves all things sparkly, and in fact this line was inspired by my tiny drama queen. Her favorite thing seems to be twisting her wrist around to see the crystals sparkle, and she also loves that she can take it on and off all by herself.

As Lori mentioned, the bracelet is a one piece bangle that is slightly springy and flexible, both for your little one's comfort and so the sizing can be adjusted a bit by gently tugging to make it larger or squishing to make it smaller. The beads are very firmly embedded in the wire, and in fact my daughter tried to pry one out without success. I can't even pull one out of its wire nest.

Jessie mentioned making "Mommy & Me" sets, and that is definitely an option. In act, here is a Baby Bling bracelet specifically made to match an adult bracelet.

Pink and copper Baby Bling
And here is the matching bracelet that the mom already had.

Pink Peony Copper Bracelet

So far the four varieties that I've shown you today comprise the entire collection, but I will be adding more soon. As always, if  you would like to customize a piece please email me and I'll design something just for your little princess.

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