Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swirly Baby Topper Pattern

 This is the first time I've ever shared one of my patterns, and I'm sooo psyched! Nervous, too, but mostly... psyched. :)
Edit: This is now available as a free PDF download under the "freebies" page. :)
I made this hat a few months ago for my darling baby girl. The yarn I used (Bernat Baby Stripes) is now discontinued, but any sport weight yarn will do.

Now, without further ado...

Baby Swirls Topper
The ribbing on this hat spirals around Baby’s head, and the decreases are worked into the pattern. This can be knit with or without a ruffle. Either way, it knits up quickly, and the stretchy ribbing accommodates a range of baby head sizes.
Sizes: 0-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 12-24 mos   Yarn requirements: approx 100(120, 150) yds sport weight yarn
Gauge: 5 sts/7 rows=1” using sz 7 ndls and sport weight yarn
Spiral Rib (Multiple of 6)
Row 1-3: *K 3, P 3* around
Row 4-6: P1, *K3, P3* around, end P2
Row 7-9: P2, *K3, P3* around, end P1
Row 10-12: *P3, K3* around
Row 13-15: K1, *P3, K3* around, end K2
Row 16-18: K2, *P3, K3* around, end K1
CO  100, 110, 120 sts and join for knitting in the round
Knit 6 rows
Dec row: *Knit  3, k2tog* around
Knit 1 row even
Dec row: *Knit 2, k2tog* around – 66 sts
Optional eyelet row:  *YO, K2tog, Knit 4* around
Body of hat:
(If you’re starting here, CO 60, 66, 72 sts and join for knitting in the round)
Beginning with row 1 of spiral rib pattern, do 1(1, 2) full repeat(s) of the Spiral Rib pattern.
Work Rows 1-15 of the Spiral Rib Pattern once more, then start decreases.
Row 1: K2, *P1, P2tog, K3* around, end K1
Row 2: K2, *P2, K3* around, end K1
Row 3: K2, *P2tog,, K3* around, end K1
Row 4: *K3, P1* around
Row 5: *K2, K2tog* around
Row 6: Knit
Row 7:  *K1, K2tog* around
Row 8: K2tog around
Break yarn and pull tightly through remaining stitches.
Weave in ends.
Pleas, please tell me what you think!! (Sorry, not trying to sound needy, but I would love some feedback. ;)


  1. Hi Bethany...I'm fairly new to knitting and am just learning to make hats. I just love this little hat but because I'm new at this I'm a little confused about this pattern. Do I repeat the "spiral rib" in the body twice?

  2. It depends on which size you're making. If you're making either of the first two sizes you'll do one full repeat, and if you're making the largest size you'll do two full repeats. The decrease section begins in the middle of the final repeat. (So, the second repeat if doing the first or second size, third if doing the largest size.) I hope this helps you... if you have any other questions please ask!
    Also, welcome to knitting. I don't think I'd stay sane without it. LOL

  3. I've got a bunch of Bernat Sweet Stripes lying around that I never got around to using. These hats look adorable in that yarn, so I'm glad I stumbled across your pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it!!

  4. I'm glad you like it! I would love to see your results. :)