Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO sitings

UFO's, or UnFinished (Knitting) Objects, are a common occurrence at my house. This one is a very late birthday present for my mom. (Hi mom!) Can you guess what it is? It's gorgeous, shimmery, and purple, but that's all I can say. Because I think my mom reads this and I wouldn't want her to know what her present is before she gets it. ;) Oh, and I want one, after I finish hers. It's seriously awesome. (I'll probably make some more for my e-store, if you would like one, too.)
Then there's this little lovely. It's a gorgeous, silky, lace hat for my little love. (I'm selling more like it too, of course!) It's nearly finished and only needs some finishing touches, but I can't finish it right now. :( To be honest, I'm quite sad about the whole situation.

Oh, and I've come to a decision regarding my crazy purple hat. It's a flop and I apologize for submitting you to my lapse of knitterly judgement. I promise to remake it into something that's actually cute. Because triangular hats only look good on colonists or green merry men. And I'm neither.

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