Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyone's a Winner

*Warning: lots of beautiful eye candy! (No, not that kind)*

I've been meaning to post about CCC's challenge last week, but I've had a difficult time picking my favorites because everything was so fantastic!(It didn't help that last week featured one of my favorite color combos - green and aqua, with a little black thrown in for spice. Anyway, after much deliberation and many clicks through the week's photo albulm, I've chosen my favorites. I'll try to credit everyone, but if I miss someone please let me know in the comments.

Sea Urchin Bracelet by Judy Celeste Maxwell
These stones seem to glow! I forgot what they're called (Sorry!) but I love them The dark accents in between just make them pop all the more, and the starfish clasp finishes it off on a very "Sea-worthy" note.

Sea Storm Necklace by Beadn4Fun
Buy this one! Unbelievable. Tiny seed beads in a spiral, a unique pendant, and it's even closed with a beaded clasp!

Sea Green Bracelet by Caldesign Naturals
 This one was partially knitted, how could I not include it? There's lots of fine silver and crystals on this one, and as you can see, the back section is what's called viking knit. (Something I want to learn how to do!) It's on the more subtle end of the chosen color spectrum.

Fish Hat by KnitKnacks
Here's my final choice, a fun little entry from KnitKnacks. What toddler wouldn't love a fish hat? And you certainly wouldn't lose your kiddo in a crowd with that topper on his head. I chose this because a. it made me laugh and b. I'm sure my little guy would love it!

You can read about my entry here, as well as see some more pretty pics. :)

PS Within hours of posting pics of my entry on Facebook I got my first ever custom request! It's similar to my CCC entry, but it's wider, the beads are in a diagonal stripe pattern, and I added some black diamond Swarovski crystals to the color mix. I also found a new clasp just for this bracelet. It's rectangular instead of my usual round ones, to tie in to the angles of the stripes. This is how it turned out: 


  1. Lovely bracelet, congrats on your winning design and custom order! ~Sheree

  2. It would definitely be hard to choose from the beautiful entries-these are lovely.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to leave my link! My ocean challenge embroidered pendant and spiral rope chain is now available in my ArtFire studio. Thanks!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwww, thanks for including my sea urchin bracelet! You are right, there were so many gorgeous things!

  5. It so cool of you to showcase other works of art, so beautifully written