Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Sea-ing" Green

Catching the morning light

A view from the top

Pretty clasp to finish it off

This was my submission for CCC's week 25 challenge - sea green. The bright spring green bits are actually genuine freshwater pearls. They fit the theme perfectly, I think. The other colors are black, aqua, and light green glass beads. (Sea glass? If only...) Everything was randomly gathered and strung on the wire, then knit, so no two will be exactly the same. Suddenly my wardrobe is in need of a LOT more green... hehe.

The funny thing is, I've has a little summer cardigan in actual yarn on my needles for weeks now, but I keep getting distracted by the wire. And beads. Oh and the pearls!! Loooove the pearls. As my adorable niece would say, "Vewwwwwy niiiiiiice!"

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