Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's better!

Sorry about last night's sad pic. Hopefully these will make up for it... and now I need to make some to match all the other color options for my bracelets. Oh and I think I've finally figured out how to make a matching necklace, which will make a full set of knitterly jewelry. Yarn? What's that?


Pink and gold... so princess-like
A pop of deep plum adds depth to the lighter colors
Here's a "full body shot", so to speak. They're actually rather petite.

Tune it tomorrow (or possibly later tonight, if I get my custom order done quickly) for my picks for CCC's brilliant color combo last week. I wasn't feeling the colors AT ALL, but decided to go for it anyway, and these little beauties were the result. So thank you so much, CCC group, for pushing me to stretch my creative wings. I went for the softer side of the color scheme, so most of the other projects are more vibrant. I just love seeing the directions each artist takes with the given colors.

Oops, I almost forgot...

Would you like to know how to make these for yourself? All you need are some basic knitting skills (cast on, knit, purl, decrease) a little bit of fine wire, ear wires, and beads if you want to add sparkle. They would look good with just the wire, though. I'm considering making a tutorial if anyone is interested. Please let me know!!

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