Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Silver is Here!

Last week was a Very Big Deal here at BooJay. I finally had the opportunity to work with Sterling silver! I've wanted to offer Sterling silver pieces for awhile but the price of silver has gone up quite a bit, so I wasn't able to order it right away. The beauty and durability of real silver can't be beat, and Sterling silver pieces can last a lifetime. Although the finished pieces will be pricier than my usual offerings, the added quality is worth it. These were the first items I made with it. Feather light, elegant, versatile knitted silver hoops. Next on the list is a bracelet with real gems and of course, Swarovski crystals, all in shades of white, with more designs coming later.

Medium Sterling Silver Hoops

Working with the silver was a little trickier than working with my usual copper artistic wire. Copper is a very soft metal and therefore malleable. If I made a mistake i could often pull it out and fix it, as long as I went s-l-o-w-l-y and gently. This was not the case with the Sterling! I ordered dead soft wire, and I could feel it hardening under the heat of my hands as I worked with it. (That's what she said! Sorry I'm on an Office kick.) There were no do-overs with this stuff. I feel that the added fussiness was well worth it, however, because the finished earrings turned out wonderfully.

This was a brand new design, and I'm now offering these earrings in both Sterling and copper. Finally, some earrings to coordinate with all of the bracelets. These will make lovely gifts as well!

Medium Copper Hoops
You can see the complete line of Boojay knitted earrings, including Swarovski crystal ball drops, these hoops, and some beaded chandelier-type ones, right here.

Have an idea for a design or color scheme? Do you like something but wish it were bigger, smaller, wider or thinner? Send me an email and I'll customize whatever you need!

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