Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stars and Hearts

Good morning! It seems that I get my best blogging and knitting done at odd hours, like early in the morning or late at night. This is likely because my kids like to have my attention during normal business hours and it's hard to make wire do what I want it to do when I have a 2 year old climbing on me. But despite the clinging, yet ever adorable, kiddos, I have gotten a little actual knitting done, and I have just enough time before they wake up to show you!

Here's the rainbow gold cuff, complete with a star toggle clasp. I love the clasp and want to buy 50 of them and use them in every single piece that I do for the next 6 months. The color mix is my standard rainbow mix, but I added some orange and a little extra blue to it. The effect is really fun, I think.

This is the original silver one, although it doesn't have a star clasp... yet. I'm thinking about switching the regular clasp out for one, though. (Also notice the lack of orange - it adds so much to the new gold cuff, gotta add it to this one as well.)

And finally... more pink and a bunch of hearts. Clearly, somewhere inside this tomboy was a pretty pretty princess just waiting to get out.

I added some metallic black beads to balance out all of the pink. Speaking of that pink, the color is actually called amethyst and it's considered a purple, but depending on the light the wire looks like a deep fuchsia pink or an intense purple. For that reason it was tricky to photograph, but in the end I feel like I captured the color accurately. Not pictured here is the gorgeous heart shaped toggle clasp that finishes this off. Like I said, super girly!

This week I will be preparing for a 3 day camping trip and amusement park day trip with my husband and the  aforementioned toddlers, so there will be no knitting this week! Looks for something patriotic next week, though.

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