Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Red White and Blue All Over

I promised you something red, white, and blue.... three weeks ago! I've been working on some wonderful custom orders in the interim, and hope to show you some of them soon In the meantime, here is the promised patriotic bling. I'm seriously in love with this clasp. It's whimsical and unique and of course, goes well with the patriotic theme. The classic bracelet has two different colors of blue, deep almost royal, blue, and a light aqua. Iridescent cherry red finishes off the classic color scheme.

The coordinating bangle is slim and subtle, and has deep royal blue and cherry red beads in a simple pattern.

What I especially like about these particular bracelets is that they're extremely wearable throughout the year, not just to watch fireworks and parades. But they'll look great for those occasions, too! Both pieces are available in the shop.

So, do you have a favorite "look" between the two? My personal favorite is the classic bracelet, mainly because of, you guessed it, that twinkling star. I wonder what's next for this star accent? Black and gold? A "superstar" themed piece? What do you think?

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