Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's All About the Minis

This summer is flying by! My supremely adorable nephew is here, and me being a knitter and all meant that he needed a blanket. I've known about his impending arrival for some months, but only started his blanket two weeks before his scheduled arrival.

2 inches down, 34 to go

It was certainly a change of pace to work with an actual fiber. I forgot how deliciously soft and squishy yarn can be, and thoroughly enjoyed the marathon knitting.

Squares within squares, finished!

All ready for the baby <3

However, the wee one now has his blanket, so I've dived back into the wire wholeheartedly. First I got out my favorite pearls and combined them with aqua wire and a few darker teal glass beads for a bracelet I call "tranquil seas". Usually my bracelets have an odd number of stitches to make the beads look more random, but this time I used an even number and ran the pearls right up the middle. It worked so well that I'm going to play with the design a bit more, using different materials.

I also had friends and fans help design a deep purple jewel toned beauty. The jewel tones are a great look for fall.

Purple Jewels in the making

And finally, meet the little sisters of the long spiral earrings I did earlier this year. It started with a fan request for a more petite spiral in blue, but suddenly I had four pairs! The only reason there aren't some in every color of the rainbow is I ran out of ear wires to finish them. They're addictive to knit, fun to wear, and make me smile.
The minis are coming! The minis are coming!

I hope you're having a lively summer! Super hot days mean more inside time for knitting, so I'll be posting more stuff soon. There are some gorgeous gems heading my way as I type, which will end up in bracelets, earrings, and maybe a necklace if I'm feeling up to a challenge.

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