Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the story behind... Pea Pod Pendants

Personalization is a huge trend in, well, everything, really! A quick search online or on Etsy will yield personalized bags, pillows, curtains, signs, stationery, and of course, jewelry. Awhile ago I played with the trend a little bit, and made some wire wrapped nests that could be customized with any number and color of bead "eggs". I marketed it as a "Mother's pendant", since many moms, myself included, love things that represent family to us.

But I realized that while the nests were cute, they weren't me. They weren't BooJay Knits style, not to mention that it seemed like everyone was making them.

So the idea of making something with this level of personalization was set aside for awhile, until a friend asked me if I had ever considered making a pea pod necklace. This is the result of that seredipitous idea:

The original Boojay Knits pea pod pendant
It was an instant hit! Everyone loved the idea even more when I found Swarovski glass pearls to represent each birth month, for further customization possibilities. They are so whimsical, with their shimmering "peas" and tiny wire "vine" accents. Each one makes me smile, and I hope it does the same for you!

The original, with some personalized companions.

One day I may release the pattern for these little guys, but for now I'll just enjoy my veggies in a whole new way!

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  1. Lovely, Bethany! I love that these are just so sweet and something a bit different than the usual herringbone weave that makes up most of Etsy's pea pods. So cute! :)